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Sponsorship Opportunities

The TeacherCast Podcasting Network

  • Sponsor a Podcast: Include your brand name on the title of our podcast episode… bring your own guests.

  • TeacherCast Live Read on our podcast.

  • Second Commercial: Place your product right in the middle, or at the end of one of our podcasts.

  • Ad Banner on the TeacherCast Podcast website.  (125x125px image on our homepage)

The TeacherCast Educational Magazine

  • 125x125px square on the sidebar next to each blog article.

The TeacherCast Educational Magazine and Podcasting Network

  • TeacherCast will review your app or web site and record an App Spotlight Podcast featuring your team as a guest.

The TeacherCast Career Center

  • Post your job on our highly visible TeacherCast Career Center.

The TeacherCast App Reviews

  • Have your Mac, Windows, or Mobile App reviewed by our team of educators.  App Reviews get posted on our App Review Channel, Educational Magazine and our Mobile App.

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