How to Submit a Blog Post or App Review

Hello, Thank you for joining TeacherCast as a guest blogger.  Here are some guidelines for submitting your blog post to TeacherCast.

1. Register for an account using our Membership Form. Please provide us with some biographical information so we can complete your blog profile.

2. Please use a clear and concise blog title. All blog titles must end with the phrase “By @YourTwitter

3. At the end of each blog, please include a short bio about yourself.

4. Copy the text of your blog post ion the text box. Please feel free to format the blog how you wish to. All YouTube videos must be accompanied by their URL address.

5. Before you hit the publish button, please preview and reread your post for spelling and correctness.

6. When finished, please copy the entire text of your blog and THEN hit publish.  (just in case everything gets erased when you hit publish)

7. Once you hit the publish button, we will review the post and include it on the TeacherCast website and on our app.

8. Please include your full name and twitter address with each blog as we will use this information to promote the blog posts.

Thank you for joining the TeacherCast family.

Jeff Bradbury

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